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Monday, April 30, 2007


A list of upcoming freeware AGS (and non-AGS) adventure games, due out in 2007. This site is best viewed using a resolution of 1024 x 768 or above. [Top 20 Freeware Adventure Games 2006 article, permalink]

Note: Games marked with an asterisk (*) have already been released (full version or playable demo). Certain authors have released games for download in the past, these will be marked with a plus sign (+). Download links can be found in their respective pages.

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1. Drugbust +
2. The Family Treasure 2 +
3. Fedora Spade *
4. Fester Mudd and the Curse of the Gold
5. The Forgotten Element
6. The Hatmaker's Tale +
7. The Infinity String *
8. Legend of the Lost Jewel
9. The Legend of the Lost Lagoon
10. The Marionette *
11. Nearly Departed *
12. Office Quest
13. Rise of the Hidden Sun
14. Square John Boy +
15. Spooks 2: Skyward +
16. Unbound: A 'Wound' Vignette +
17 - 20. The Rest +

[Header image by Jim Le and Orchard-L]

The Rest

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Ben Jordan Case 6 is the antepenultimate episode in the hallmark AGS series.

Ben and his friends travel to Greece for a vacation, and find themselves in the remote fishing village of Agia Anna, where they learn that even while on holiday, their work is never done. It seems the Sea People have been taking the villagers, leaving distinct drag marks on the beach.

Name: Ben Jordan Case 6: Scourge of the Sea People
Developer: Grundislav
Announced: November 2006
Last updated status: 50% complete (Dec 06)

Charlie is a clone working for the Empire of Conformity. Unfortunately his free-thinking ideals get him into trouble, so he flees to join up with the Intergalactic Rebellion Against Conformity. The problem is they've gone underground, so Charlie must scour the galaxy to find them. Once he does make contact with the rebellion he becomes a rebel agent on a mission to destroy the forces of conformity for ever!

Charlie Foxtrot and the Galaxy of Tomorrow was conceived as a zany space adventure with a strong emphasis on parodying sci-fi as a genre. Every effort has been made thus far to incorporate as many elements of sci-fi pop culture as possible without actually infringing on any intellectual property rights.

Name: Charlie Foxtrot and the Galaxy of Tomorrow
Developer: Alex van der Wijst
Announced: December 2006
Status: 100% complete, beta testing
Previous work(s): The Winter Rose

Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is a new game by Screen 7 featuring the immortal screen legend on another globe-trotting adventure. Out of all efforts by many other fans, this one resembles it's source material the most.

Like the original, multiple paths can be used to reach the objective. Arcade sequences are optional, depending on your actions in the game. No voice acting yet, plus the length is rather short but this release is definitely well worth downloading.

Name: Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth
Developer: Screen 7
Announced: November 2005
Status: Unknown
Previous work(s): Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth (demo)

Space Quest II VGA is a remake by Infamous Adventures, the development team responsible for the King's Quest. Featuring:

- 16 color backgrounds remade into stunning VGA graphics
- Enhanced cutscenes and dialogue pictures
- Original music
- Text parser replaced with point-and-click interface

Name: Space Quest II: Vohaul's Revenge VGA
Developer: Infamous Adventures
Announced: April 2007
Status: 80% complete
Previous work(s): King's Quest III VGA

In Sydney Treads the Catwalk, the bum turned star finds his new career in the media has hit a hiccup when his television show receives mediocre ratings. Keith warns Syd that if he can't even compete with the fashion channel he'll be forced to axe the show and throw him back on to the streets. [warning: mature content]

Name: Sydney Treads the Catwalk
Developer: Ivan Dixon
Announced: April 2007
Status: 70% complete
Previous work(s): Sydney Finds Employment

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Sunday, April 29, 2007


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Unbound: A 'Wound' Vignette is the second in a series of three short introductory games based on the backstory of an, as yet, unmade full-length game entitled: Wound.

- Panoramic environments
- Pre-rendered graphics
- Original soundtrack

Although not a direct sequel as such, Unbound will go deeper into the story of Project Caterpillar, answering some of the questions raised by the audio tapes in R J Coombs apartment (see Heartland Deluxe), and introduce some more characters from the Wound universe.

Name: Unbound: A 'Wound' Vignette
Developer: LimpingFish
Announced: March 2007
Status: 60% complete
Previous work(s): Heartland Deluxe

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Spooks 2: Skyward

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Very little information about Spooks 2: Skyward is known, besides the introduction of a new protagonist named Psiman and the return of Daylily. Hence, screenshots from it's prequel will be posted instead.

She is also currently working on a new game entitled Nanobots.

Name: Spooks 2: Skyward
Developer: Erin Robinson
Announced: June 2006
Status: Unknown
Previous work(s): Spooks
Accolade(s): Best Player Character and Best Music 2006 (Spooks)

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Square John Boy

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Square John Boy is a new adventure game by Logan Worsley, the creator of Emily Enough: Imprisoned. Anyone who is familiar with the author's previous work would be sufficiently prepared for another dark and disturbing tale.

Name: Square John Boy
Developer: Logan Worsley
Announced: May 2006
Status: 50% complete (Jan 07)
Previous work(s): Emily Enough: Imprisoned
Accolade(s): Best Player Character 2005 (Emily Enough: Imprisoned)

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Rise of the Hidden Sun

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Arizona, 1869. An ancient Indian legend, a mysterious secret society, and a down-on-his-luck cowboy with a knack for finding trouble are about to cross paths in Rise of the Hidden Sun.

With nothing to his name but his wits, his six-shooter, and a tattered old treasure map, 'Rattlesnake' Jake Dawson needs you to help him win the greatest treasure hunt the Wild West has ever seen -- because the very fate of Western Civilization is at stake, and Jake isn't the only one on the hunt...

Who is Mary Jane Clayton, and why has she devoted her life to finding a legendary lost city of gold? What is the mythical Hidden Sun, and why will a secret brotherhood stop at nothing to get it? And perhaps most importantly of all, is Jake willing to sacrifice everything to stop them from succeeding?

The story of Rise of the Hidden Sun will be told over the course of four episodes. The first three will feature cliffhanger endings that flow into the grand finale of episode four. Work on episode one is nearly complete.

- A simple Sierra-style point 'n' click interface
- More than 100 beautifully illustrated game screens
- A full musical score and sound effects

Name: Rise of the Hidden Sun
Developer: Chapter 11 Studios
Announced: June 2003
Status: 70% complete
Previous work(s): None

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Office Quest

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Todd Flannigan is a corporate worker bee who just wants to finish his work and go home. The problem is his incompetent boss is convinced that someone stole his lucky 5 iron and he wants Todd to find the culprit.

Office Quest is a comical adventure whose title is partly inspired by Sierra's motif of taking interesting things and adding the word 'Quest' after them.

The entire game takes place in the office building, which is 5 floors, including the basement and the roof. Basically, the player will talk to various NPC's around the office and solve puzzles to find out who stole the golf club and how to get it back.

There will be quips, jokes, references, and hilarious characters, and maybe even a plot twist.

Name: Office Quest
Developer: zewb
Announced: February 2007
Status: 50% complete
Previous work(s): None

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Nearly Departed

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Nearly Departed is an adventure game made using a relatively new scripting engine named LASSIE. As a professional illustrator working for Disney, John Green has done an amazing job with the graphics for this upcoming release.

The final version will include voice acting. No full screen option for the demo, unfortunately.

Name: Nearly Departed
Developer: John Green
Announced: November 2005
Status: Unknown
Previous work(s): Nearly Departed (demo)

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The Marionette

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In The Marionette, you play as a struggling sculptor named Martin. One evening he finds in his mail a strange white envelope, unmarked except for the number '1011' written in the top right corner. Inside is a photograph of a room with ropes hanging from the ceiling. He has barely registered that fact when he is struck unconscious, and later wakes to find himself in completely unfamiliar surroundings, with only a house nearby to offer any hope of help...

Name: The Marionette
Developer: Team Effigy
Announced: November 2006
Status: 30% complete
Previous work(s): The Marionette (demo)

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The Legend of the Lost Lagoon

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Gloria Lapointe is an adventurous and intelligent fourteen year old, bored beyond belief on mundane fishing trip with her grandpa and snotty little brother. Gloria believes her day couldn't get any worse, but series of mysterious events lead Gloria to be whisked away, and she finds herself awake on the shore of a mysterious lagoon town named Lamprey - a town tangled in it's own history, and riddled with both magical and treacherous secrets....

The Legend of the Lost Lagoon has been in production for over three years now, and was also featured on BBC at one point.

Name: The Legend of the Lost Lagoon
Developer: DanClarke
Announced: April 2004
Status: 95% complete
Previous work(s): None

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Legend of the Lost Jewel

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Hundreds of years ago, a jewel existed that was held by an ancient tribe called the Rannu. It was a jewel that they believe held the universe into balance. The tribe was destroyed by conquistadors and the jewels were scattered throguh time.

Happenstance causes Derek, the main character into a modern day story of murder, deception and adventure. He looks to find his way home from an archaeology expedition and ends up entwined in the middle of blood-thirsty power hungry people seeking to find the gem in their own desires of greed.

Legend of the Lost Jewel was a game developed in 1990-91 using a Sierra-style game engine that provost had written in BASIC when he was about 14-15. The story has been redeveloped, was rewritten in SCI, but because of SCI limitations, is now being re-rewritten in AGS.

To mimic old world Sierra graphics with the later versions of the Sierra interfaces, all backgrounds, animations and sprites are being made in 16 colors using the SCI editor, then adapted to AGS.

Name: Legend of the Lost Jewel
Developer: provost
Announced: December 2006
Status: 50% complete
Previous work(s): None

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The Infinity String

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In The Infinity String, you assume the role of a scientist named Yerik Elnar. The year is 2009, and mysterious ruins have been discovered in Antartica by Russian explorers. One year later a complete research base was built to study the findings. You arrive on the scene to provide assistance to the first research team stationed there but only to discover that the entire crew has disappeared...

- two completely different worlds: Antartica and a lush jungle with caves
- DIG-like interface (right-click to LOOK, left-click for ACTION)
- two different GUIs
- 320 x 240 resolution, 32-bit
- serious subject, brilliant background music

Name: The Infinity String
Developer: Sektor 13
Status: out now
Previous work(s): Stargate Adventure, Project Xenophobe
Accolades: Best Background Art 2005 (Stargate Adventure)
Direct download link: Click here

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The Hatmaker's Tale

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Tom Cliffton lives a peaceful, yet rather dull, life as a shy apprentice hatmaker in the tiny kingdom of Slymia. One day, however, he is sent to the castle to make a special hat delivery, and what happens there will change his life - and quite possibly the fate of Slymia - forever...

The Hatmaker's Tale is a light-hearted, full-length adventure game by Marina Siu-Chong, the creator of A Cure for the Common Cold.

Name: The Hatmaker's Tale
Developer: Marina Siu-Chong
Announced: February 2006
Status: Unknown
Previous work(s): A Cure for the Common Cold

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